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Let's Play Doctor

1.Name: joe_pike_junior, Armchair Elvis on the House Fans forum and FF.net.

2. Age: Younger than people think, maybe. Although in RL (I can't believe I just used that acronym), I often get mistaken for someone younger than I am. So somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

3. What are your strongest personality traits? Humour.
I'm stubborn at times, and I really hate to admit fault. I oscillate between being an instinctive show-off and a private person, and between being really really down/quiet and not-so-quiet.
But, yeah, I'm never sure what to put on these things. I think other people know better than me what my personality traits are.

4. What are some things you do in your spare time?I write fic, fiddle with stuff, play hockey. I like theatre, writing, reading, going to concerts and walking/catching public transport with music. I like to spend a certain amount of my time alone.

5. What is one thing that you are really passionate about? I care a lot about environmental stuff. It really annoys me that people ignore how effed-up the planet is getting, and even more when people wear a greenpeace badge or something and roar off in a huge 4WD. Fossil fuels are a finite resource, I don't care what people say, we need to make the environment a top priority NOW.
/soapbox rant.

6. What is one thing you would change about the world? See above. I won't say that I'd like peace or a stop to all wars or something like that, not that I like war, just that I'm a bit of a cynic in that regard: I don't think that war or death (or the good things in life) can be stopped if we all raise our voices high enough. Conversely, pointless death is pretty bad.
I don't like how school/education systems aim to make everyone average.

7. What are a few of your pet peeves? LOL and all it's associates. Stupidity and ignorance. People who read beauty magazines in the library, chatting about pretty people. (The other day I heard someone talking about how being smart didn't matter, it was how good-looking you were that was really important - I'm sure this is the sort of person who'd pay through the nose to look like their cheeks are stapled to their ears - this really knocked me for six - I hadn't realised that people could actually be that inane, superficial and self-centred in real life). Touchy-feely people, and posers who stand too close to you. Posers in general. Liars and hypocrites. People who patronise. I annoy myself, a lot of the time. Clichéd, PC people.

8. Who do you admire? (Don’t put yourself, be creative) Lots of people. People with more self-control than me (especially people who don't blurt stuff out/laugh when it's frowned upon). People who are good at what they do, and who work at it.

9. If you could meet any person who would it be? Jesus. Not meaning to be clichéd, but he's pretty damn famous.
And, I'd be dining out on that one for years. Hey, you're the one that met Jesus.
Non-religious figures: probably Frank Zappa.

10. Give me a quote that fits your personality: "You know a lot of wierd shit". That was one of my friends.
This might not exactly fit my personality, but Nick Cave says I don't believe in an interventionist God.

11. What are your future aspirations? Live. Heal. Act. Know.

12. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? I'd like to say I'm optimistic, and I am some of the time... but I'm a pessimist. That's the way it is. Because life's a bitch.

13. What’s more important to you-friends or family? Family.

14.If you were a body part which would you be and why? The brain. It's the big raincoat, the head banana, the big cheese. All that thinkin'.

15.What is your fondest memory? I don't know. It changes a lot. Off the top of my head: Probably when I found out l won a school scholarship. Not the actual day, just the act and the feeling of finding out. Or maybe a beach-holiday-alone-doing-my-own-thing-warm-fuzzy memory.

16.What are a few of your fears? I hate long fingernails, they creep me out. Drowning. Living without meaning. Not being able to think. Stuffing everything up.

17.What song/movie/book/fictional character are you most like? Probably the character in the book I'm currently reading. I like Ort inThat eye, the sky by Tim Winton.

18.Who is your least favorite House character? Probably Vogler, he's the guy you love to hate. In terms of the main characters, though, Foreman and Cameron can be pretty annoying, each in their own special way. I find Mark Warner strangely annoying in Honeymoon...

19.Does it matter if you are stamped as a character of the opposite gender? Nope.

20.Will you promote the community? No. (Sarcasm).

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself. Uh, sorry. I'm short. Brown hair and eyes.

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