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Let's Play Doctor

1.Name: Shazzer

2. Age (Must be at least 13,lj rules): 16

3. What are your strongest personality traits? I'm very stubborn; mules have nothing on me. Very temperamental, my rages are the Stuff Of Legend at school. I've been called empathetic and compassionate (which I like), but I also know I can be selfish (which I hate).

4. What are some things you do in your spare time? I love to read, I always have a book with me. Also, I'm a true-blue nerd; I find various topics to research just because they interested me. I love horses, so I ride whenever I get the chance, and I also play soccer. I listen to a lot of music, and go for walks. Losing myself in contemplation is always a good pastime, as is catching up on good movies.

5. What is one thing that you are really passionate about? Making the world a more global society, with more understanding and compassion for other humans without established (and sometimes violent) divisions on basis of race, class, ethnicity, gender, sex, etc.

6. What is one thing you would change about the world? I would stop genocide. That's my real problem with the world, is how people can murder thousands, sometimes millions of others.

7. What are a few of your pet peeves? People who refuse to take advice (and then bitch about it), bible-thumping religion-pushers, the Bush Administration, the general ignorance of the American (and to a lesser extent, the global) population as a whole.

8. Who do you admire? (Don’t put yourself, be creative) J. Robert Oppenheimer, Florence Nightingale, Justin Pierre

9. If you could meet any person who would it be? Jesus. (And before everybody groans, as a dedicated agnostic I just want to see if religion is lying, or the truth, or if he was real at all. I just want to know the truth about the root of a lot of major world conflict)

10. Give me a quote that fits your personality: "She had small fear of man, and of death none at all, but the formlessness of what was to come overwhelmed her."

11. What are your future aspirations? I'd like to double-major in history and biology at Dartmouth, and then go on to medical school and get certification either virology, or internal medicine and work in developing countries. I'm a bit of an idealist.

12. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? It depends, I'm more optimistic about doing an entire project overnight (because I've done it before) or coming back to win a soccer game (again, done it) than I am that the entire world will be able to evolve to a semi-Utopian society.

13. What’s more important to you-friends or family? I'm stillt rying to figure that out. Both groups have a reasonable case to made for them, and I'm still trying to balance how much I love/need my family that causes so many problem against the friends who don't have to love me, and do anyway.

14.If you were a body part which would you be and why? The ACL, because it's sturdy for most activities, and takes a lot of shit from us with our daily grind, but one wrong step and everything goes to hell.

15.What is your fondest memory? I really can't pick a true favorite, but in a pinch, the night I went to see my favorite band, met and hugged the lead singer (who is one of my idols), and then started a new (and pretty amazing) job the next day. That was pretty cool.

16.What are a few of your fears? I'm scared of pain, though it rarely ends up being as bad as I think it will be. Being in a state of fear scares me, because I lose some of my ability to function rationally. Drastuc change that I'm not ready for.

17.What song/movie/book/fictional character are you most like?

18.Who is your least favorite House character? Stacy

19.Does it matter if you are stamped as a character of the opposite gender? Nope

20.Will you promote the community? Sure thing

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself. This is sad; but I didn't know how. So, I kinda made a picture of mine into my userpic. I'm sorry it's so small, but all that you can't really see is a lime-green (but glow in the dark) expander, and a Georgia Nicolson-esque nose.

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