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Let's play doctor ( babe )

1.Name: Skye

2. Age (Must be at least 13, lj rules): 18

3. What are your strongest personality traits? I'm a very outgoing, smart, intelligible, communicable, interesting, cynical person. I can make anything lighter with a joke and I'd like to consider myself fairly knowledgeable. I'm a good giver of advice and I've been known to be a good friend to people. I'm pretty much the definition of down-to-earth, but I have a strong tendency not to get along with most females. I also have a strong case of vanity paired with insecurity that I have no cure for. Sometimes I tend to cross lines too much. I'll say the wrong thing or I'll snap during a stressful situation. I can shut myself off from the world if I'm sad and be self-pitying.

4. What are some things you do in your spare time? read, write, listen to music, eat, play video/computer games, watch tv, screw around on the internet ( like this. )

5. What is one thing that you are really passionate about? Writing. Singing. Both, I guess. I can't decide which I'm more passionate about. I typically practice each one for at least a few hours a day in my own ways. I think they're my greatest abilities. I'm quite proud of the way I'm able to articulate. Sometimes I'll sit for hours and think of great characters with complimentary names in interesting settings. My writing tends to be rather dark, but it's never dull.

6. What is one thing you would change about the world? I'd seriously make everyone a little bit smarter. If people could simply think for themselves, they could change the whole world, and there wouldn't be any pressure on me :)

7. What are a few of your pet peeves? fake people, people who try to hard to be amusing, people who are typically the reasons for stereotypes, stupid people. I really hate stupidity.

8. Who do you admire? (Don’t put yourself, be creative) Psh, the writers of House, M.D. Duh. Yeah, but Chuck Palahniuk, Augusten Burroughs, Vladimir Nabakov, their writing styles affect mine.

9. If you could meet any person who would it be? Chuck Palahniuk, though I have a sick feeling it'd turn into a real life Misery. Even so, I admire him quite a bit. He seems so down-to-earth with a normal, average disposition, yet he's able to write the most twisted things. It's orgasmic.

10. Give me a quote that fits your personality: " Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you! "

11. What are your future aspirations? To publish a bestselling novel and stay in college for the rest of my life, learning everything I can. Why not?

12. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Realist.

13. What’s more important to you-friends or family? I shouldn't have to choose. But since I have no friends at the moment, then family. Though mine's pretty screwed.

14.If you were a body part which would you be and why? Probably the back. No one pays attention to it until it's in pain.

15.What is your fondest memory? Going to New York City. There are so many beautiful things there, the fast-pacedness of it and the constant changing. It's the cultural capital of the world. The writer's capital of the world. Broadway. It's just heaven. It's where I need to be in the future, there's no way around this.

16.What are a few of your fears? Being abandoned/alone. Being a failure.

17.What song/movie/book/fictional character are you most like? "Japanese Gum" by Her Space Holiday. Sometimes I believe my entire life was created by songs.

18.Who is your least favorite House character? It's thus far been Vogler. But of the permanents? Probably Chase. I just...I don't know, I still can't forgive him for his devious involvement with Vogler's evil plans.

19.Does it matter if you are stamped as a character of the opposite gender? Not at all. I prefer it. I don't really see myself as any of the females anyway.

20.Will you promote the community? Of course.

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself.

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